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Free up your time and get more done, using our online customer appointment booking system.

Make the move from the old paper appointment book now.

Help your customers book easier and help benefit them from the fallout of COVID 

Prices start from £200 


  • Get rid of the desk diary
  • Easily take bookings on the Internet or over the phone
  • Easily manage bookings for multiple stylists/technicians
  • Complete calendar and time system
  • Less time managing bookings, more time to keep customers happy
  • Manage your staff’s workload
  • All in one simple to use system
  • Tailored for each company to work with existing practices
Forget the old appointments book
Do you still use these to take bookings?
Get the future

Features for all


Create as many rules as you need in order to represent your business timetable.


Easy interface to add your days off during the year.

Back-end calendar

This is your agenda main dashboard where you have the whole picture of your reservations. All off this is accessible in the office or on the go.


Create as many services as you need and manage them according to your real business needs. All off this is accessible on the go.


Create as many assistants as you need and manage them accordingly.

Notifications, reminders and follow-up

A complete set of tool to keep you, your customers and your assistants informed on their upcoming reservations.

Plus much much more...

Works for all types of business like Barbers and Hairdressers, Spa and Beauty Centres. Clinics, Sports Centres, Repairs and Servicing, Studio Rentals, Car Servicing and MOT as just some examples.



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