What Accounting and Payroll Stationery Ltd say about Edition1

Our company has been selling standard business forms for various accounting software packages for many years, mainly through a telesales operation. This has always worked well, but Increasing competition, largely from companies that trade solely on the web, finally led us to the point where we wanted to launch our own website in order to compete with these companies on a like for like basis.

As our products carry a very low margin, we were cautious as to how much we should spend on developing our new website, particularly as we had no idea as to how successful, or not, it might be.

We approached several web development companies that offered what appeared to be very professional services, however, these came with a price tag that we considered to be prohibitive. This was particularly so for the ongoing SEO work that we were told would be necessary in order to attain a first page ranking on Google. We were also told that it would take somewhere around six months to achieve this level of ranking if all went well.

I have to say that we were never really confident that these web development companies fully appreciated that we would have to sell huge quantities of business forms in order to make a reasonable return on our investment in a web site after taking into account our margins.

Having reached the point where we almost considered giving up the idea, we finally approached Simon at Edition1 for our web development and ongoing SEO work. He seemed to grasp the essence of our business and was able to put forward a number of suggestions that would not cost exorbitant amounts of money. His ongoing SEO charges were also quite reasonable considering that we had no idea whether our venture into the cyber world would pay off.

The results to date have been excellent! We still have some fine tuning to do, but the web site looks good and feels easy to use (a must for our clients who will go elsewhere if it’s too difficult or if they can’t find products quickly). Simon has done on-going work to improve our rankings and we are now on the first page of Google for three out of four of our main product lines.

All this has been achieved in under three months!

When we started we didn’t expect more than one or two orders in the first six months of the launch, however, the results that Simon has achieved with our rankings has meant that more and more orders have been coming in as each month passes.

Please visit APS at www.payslips-direct.co.uk

What love-meets-life.com say about Edition1

I would just like to say how pleased I was with the service I received from your company. From the start,  any questions I had were answered promptly and in language that was easily understandable by a non specialist in IT, like myself. The time and care you took to help me to understand how to update the contents was excellent and I felt supported throughout this whole new learning process.

In addition, the charge for the design and construction was very reasonable.

Many thanks.