Not All Websites Are Created Equal

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The Hidden Costs of Dropped Rankings

A Deeper Dive into Website Quality, Security, Performance, and Google Rankings

Just like anything else in life, the quality and performance of a website are only bound by the skill and knowledge of the people who create them. A website in its basic creation is a simple thing, but without the knowledge to drive users to it, it is worthless.

Many companies and sole traders will create a simple website that will not help a business drive sales or achieve a significant online presence.

The Importance of Expertise in Web Development

We have had a recent example where we here at Edition1 created a website over 10 years ago that had weekly inquiries. This was due mainly to the dedication and expertise put into generating what Google needed to make it rank above others in the same market. As a result, our client’s website was able to be first in the rankings for their desired target audience. This achievement wasn’t by chance; it required ongoing investment in time and resources.

Sustained Effort for Sustained Success

Maintaining high-ranking positions at Google demands continuous effort. This client incurred minimal monthly costs for ongoing content updates, social media engagement, and other SEO activities to sustain their ranking. Such investments are crucial for maintaining visibility and attracting potential customers.

The Risks of Cutting Costs

This client was approached by a national company that offered to redesign the website for a small amount of money and lower monthly costs than what we had been charging. Our then client did not understand why we were charging more and only saw the bottom-line differences. Despite our attempts to explain the value of our services, they left our platform for the third-party provider.

Consequences of Choosing Cost Over Quality

Approximately nine months after switching providers, the client experienced significant issues. They suffered from poor service, including email problems, and most critically, a dramatic drop in their website rankings. As illustrated by the charts below, their rankings plummeted, leading to decreased visibility and fewer inquiries.

The Pitfalls of Custom CMS Platforms

The third-party provider used a custom CMS, which complicated the situation further. Exporting the website back into a widely used system like WordPress was not an automatic option. Instead, the website could only be exported to static HTML files, severely restricting any further development or SEO enhancements.

The Cost of Recovery

To rectify the situation, we had to convert the website into a more manageable CMS manually, copying all the information over. This process incurred additional charges for our returning client, which could have been avoided if they had remained with our services initially.

Website Security, Performance, and Google Rankings

A well-designed website goes beyond aesthetics; it encompasses security, performance, and strategic SEO practices to maintain high rankings on Google. Security is paramount; a compromised website can lead to data breaches and loss of customer trust. Performance, including site speed and responsiveness, directly affects user experience and search engine rankings. Google prioritises fast, secure, and user-friendly websites in its search results.

The Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is clear: the grass is not always greener on the other side. Cutting costs by choosing cheaper web development options can lead to long-term losses, both financially and in terms of online presence. Investing in quality web development, ongoing SEO, and regular updates is crucial for maintaining a successful online business.

In conclusion, not all websites are created equal. The expertise, ongoing maintenance, and strategic planning that go into a website significantly impact its success. Ensuring your website is secure, performs well, and ranks high on Google requires continuous effort and investment, but the rewards are well worth it.

Advantages of our service

All work carried out by us remains the property of our clients and is easily transportable to many other services.

All our content is written bespoke for each client to enhance Google rankings and create enquiries naturally through the power of SEO and Google rankings.

Natural listings are more invaluable than paying for Ads via Google, Bing and other mainstream advertising agencies.

In conclusion, with minimal costs, well-written content and target SEO, you can achieve your goals and increase enquiries and revenue.

As an example of the pitfalls above the chart below clearly shows that after moving away from Edition1 this client rankings dropped from position 1 to position 8 overnight.

Another specific word search for the same website shows the same drop

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