Not fun being all alone

Without visitors, your website is just another site that does not power your business as it could. 

Search Engine Optimisation

You need to be found in searches

The better you do in Search Engine listings, the better you will do in business as more visitors will go to your website which means more clients and more sales.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a term many people have heard but are not sure exactly what it means. The aim of optimising a website is so that when a potential customer searches for a particular word or phrase/s online, optimised website will appear above other websites in the natural listings of the main search engines. For example, the natural listings on Google are the sites listed on the left of the page below the paid advertising links.

When optimising a website we start by running reports to identify relevant words or phrases, commonly known as keywords. These are the words or phrases which when a potential visitor to your website searches online, you will want your website to appear at the top of the listings.

We then optimise your website based on the relevant keywords and on an ongoing basis, use a variety of methods to help your website achieve a high page ranking on the main search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation will always be an ongoing process as the rules in which the search engines rank websites changes on a regular basis. In 2012, Google made over 500 algorithm changes – almost 1.5 per day! In addition to the search engines updating their algorithms, your competitors will be optimising their websites and you need to maintain and optimise your website to stay ahead.

Many SEO companies simply let you know what changes need to be made to your website. This often leaves you knowing what needs to be done but without the time or knowledge of how to do it. We take care of all this for you from the start of the project and make all the necessary changes to keep you appearing above your competitors. Make sure to checkout our eCommerce website designer content 

Some Interesting Search Engine Statistics…

SEO Package Lite

Find out more about your website and visitors
£ 49
  • Ranking Tracking Reports
  • Keyword investigation
  • Visit Reporting
  • Competition Spying

A little more information on the options

  • Ranking Tracking Reports  
    (Shows you where you are ranking in Google compared to competition) 
  • Keyword investigation  
    (Find new keywords to attract future clients, not everyone searches for the same thing and you might be surprised by what some people search for)  
  • Visit Reporting  
    (Monthly visit reports from Google so you can keep track of overall progress) 
  • Competition Spying  
    (Look at competition websites to see what keywords they are using) 

SEO Package Full

Find out and make actions to your website
£ 99
  • Everything in the Lite Package
  • Audit Web Pages
  • Analyse links
  • Optimize Web Pages
  • Keyword Implementation

A little more information on the options

  • Audit Web Pages
    (Like a car service on the website that checks for duplicate content, bad links, performance, security, structed data, indexability.
  • Analyse links
    (What links do you have to your website, good and sometimes bad)
  • Optimise Web Pages
    (Compare your website against a competitor and make suggested improvements) *1
  • Keyword Implementation
    (Add new keywords to the website using pages and content creation) *
  • We will also add you to a Cloudflare account who or are CDN Content delivery network so your website will be 100% available and perform faster
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