Stonehouse Community Centre Updated Website

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Stonehouse Community Centre Updated Website

Stonehouse Community Centre needed a refresh to the existing website. Our brief was simply to make it easy to read and understand, we used an easily legible font and plain colouring.

It needed to be easy for the staff to update the events and room hire sections so new events and prices can be altered or added. Many options are now available to do this on the internet as lots of good page builders and themes are available all with good and bad points.

We chose to use Elementor and the Astra theme to bring the website to life and allow the centre to easily make edits to all parts of the website.

The reason we use the Astra Theme is due to the lightning-quick speed in which it will load in the user’s browser.

Another advantage of the Astra theme is super loading time which can help your website outrank the competition in Google as if two websites rank for the same content but one is quicker than the other then Google uses this in the decision to rank one site above another.

Stonehouse Community Centre Updated Website
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