Preparing for opening using a booking appointments form

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Need a Booking System for your Business?

  • Get rid of the desk diary
  • Easily take bookings on the Internet or over the phone
  • Easily manage bookings for multiple stylists/technicians
  • Complete calendar and time system
  • Less time managing bookings, more time to keep customers happy
  • Manage your staff’s workload
  • All in one simple to use system

Tailored for each company to work with existing practices

Do not pay anything upfront as our initial chat and a demonstration is free.

How can we help you get ahead of the competition???

Want to try our basic system, click here. https://hair.edition1.co.uk/

Like to try it in a bit more detail, please give us a call and we will supply a username and login for you to try out a few of the more interesting features behind the scenes.

We are offering this and other benefits including professional email addresses, security using https, and options on how to pay.

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