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GTMetrix-Edition1 - website loading time Results

Using caching and zip compression technology we can load websites faster than ever. Google is now looking at website speed and using this data in ranking algorithms. Google uses thousands of rules to define your position in ranking results compared to competitors and you need to be sure you are in this race. Content has been and still is king to ranking well but if your competitor’s website has a better performance result then all this might be wasted. We use GTmetrix, Pingdom Website Speedtest Tools and other tools to check the loading speeds of our website, the results of which are shown below.

How do we do this?

We remove bloat from code and reduce images to the correct sizes required. The results can be seen below. On average Google state, a website should load in 3-4 seconds as some studies show that users do not wait much longer and so leave your website and probably go to a competitor.  We also install and set up caching plugins like WP Rocket

But why does this happen?

Some potential reasons for issues are, you upload an image that you want to show on your website showing your product. The file might be over a megabyte in size or you may not even know or understand the significance of this. It will slow the loading time of the website considerably depending on the user’s connections speed to the internet. This slow loading time will be seen by Google and people will leave the website, Google will reduce your ranking compared with a competitor that uses correct sized and compressed images.

Other areas that reduce your ranking can be related to page titles and descriptions, if you are not aware or do not understand the significance of this information then you are wasting time and money as your website will never rank in any search engine results.

See our performance below, not a bad score if we say so ourselves. Download the report in PDF

GTMetrix-Edition1 - website loading time Results
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