What makes our online solution different from automated options?

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Anyone can sign up and pay monthly for many website creation solution tools and they provide a use for certain tasks. However if you want the website to drive your business and promote services or product sales then you need to also know that without knowledge of how the internet works then you might be paying for a service that will not provide what you expected. They might be ok to get you started or if you have the time to learn SEO, Social, Content etc. What do we mean by this? Well, just imagine if you were a trained florist and we asked you to build a car from the parts we gave you without knowledge or instructions, you might be able to build something but would you be happy it would drive as it should?

So, what is the answer and how do we go about this process? we need to understand the requirements from you so we are able to best select the correct website type for you. You might just want a simple 5-10-page website or a custom ecommerce solution. Sometimes you might want to have custom post type so you can create your own posts with customised fields and images etc. Even custom layouts for specific post and dynamic content that a user can enter in the system which will be shown in your perfect design to the website user.

Once we have the main requirement, we will sit with you to create your website structure, this is generally mapped out using a spreadsheet in Excel. Then we ask you for content including words and images which we will use on each page of the mapped-out spreadsheet.

We also complete the setup of Social media setup and manage these on your behalf with weekly broadcasts from your website to each of the chosen accounts. We can also recommend the type of Social that will work best for your sector.

Technical things:

SEO experience so your website ranks in Google etc

Creating your own website can be great and is possible but knowing and understanding the details involved so the website is user friendly and most importantly search engine friendly can be more difficult. Knowing and understanding for instance meta data of titles and description is a vital start to get your page into search results.

Edition1 have 15 years’ experience in building and designing websites so we know how Google see your website and using clever tools we can optimise the website for a better ranking.

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