Having a great website should be backed up my great website hosting, all too often we see this being missed and causing what could be an excellent way to promote your business turning into a failure due to the hosting service failing or having far to many downtime’s. So at Edition1 we make sure your website does not suffer this or any other issue that could cause your project to fail.

Our hosting services are perfect for websites of all sizes, so whether it’s a responsive brochure website or a powerful E-Commerce facility that requires flexible hosting, we have the facilities to suit.


  • Domain – 1
  • Emails – 10
  • Auto Responders – No
  • Google Analytics – Yes
  • Managed updates – No
  • Ultimate

    • Domain – 1
  • Emails – 100
  • Auto Responders – Yes
  • Google Analytics – Yes
  • Managed updates – Yes