Exciting New Tools For Designers, April 2023

Exciting New Tools For Designers, April 2023

The AI revolution is having a huge impact on the types of products that are hitting the market, with almost every app boasting AI-powered features. In this month’s Exciting New Tools for Designers and Developers, there are productivity tools, writing tools, and apps to help you code better. Enjoy!


Gamma is a new app for creating stunning slide-style presentations using the power of AI. Describe the presentation you want, and let Gamma polish it into a sales pitch.


GrammarlyGO is a brand new suite of tools from the makers of Grammarly that use AI to help write your content for you. You can request early access now.

Relume Ipsum

Relume Ipsum is a Figma plugin and the fastest way to write content for your website mockups. Use AI to populate your text layers with smart content fast.

Instant Backgrounds

Instant Backgrounds does exactly what the name suggests: it isolates a product or figure from your images and inserts a professional-looking background for pro-level product shots.

Warp AI

Warp AI is a handy tool for anyone working in the Terminal. It uses AI to help you debug errors and easily find the commands you need.


Plasmo is a browser extension platform that helps you build, test, and deploy extensions for web browsers like Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


Superus is an innovative tool for helping you map ideas for writing, or as part of a brand story. It uses AI to expand the horizons of your current thought model.


Type is a document editor that uses AI to help you generate text extremely fast. Begin typing and watch Type take over and create a whole document from a few words.


Hexofy is an excellent tool for anyone that needs to migrate content from one site to another, particularly if you don’t have access to the source. Capture data from any page and then reuse it.


Chivvy is an excellent app for anyone who struggles to stick to plans. It’s an anti-procrastination tool that gamifys your habits to help you achieve your goals.


Claspo is a drag-and-drop popup builder for marketers that grabs user attention and helps you increase sales and boost engagement across your site.


Fibery is a work and knowledge hub that uses AI to generate text, improve your writing, and automate tasks.


Ravyn is a sales tool that uses AI to help you boost your revenue. It helps unlock opportunities you hadn’t seen and build stronger client relationships.

First 100 Users

First 100 Users is a startup course with 100 (mostly) free ideas for securing your first 100 users. It’s a great playbook for beating out the competition online.


Botsify is a platform for creating your own chatbots. Automate sales, improve customer service, and boost your revenue with one simple-to-use service.

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